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‘Better Than That’ Tour

1st June 2018 | Jim

Hi folks, just a few words of thanks for your support on the recently ended May tour.

We didn’t make it easy for you, playing a bunch of songs from the new album that isn’t out yet.

As usual you did us proud with your commitment and enthusiasm.

It’s always a little daunting taking new material on the road but your concentration and positivity is always so impressive.

Thanks to the old guard for trekking around to lesser known corners of the UK, and if it was your first James gig hopefully it won’t be your last.

I hope you enjoyed support ‘Lanterns On The Lake’. We’ve been trying to get them to play with us for a while and it hasn’t worked out. So glad it did this time.

I’d like to officially welcome on board Deborah Knox-Hewson. Thrown in at the deep end with little rehearsal, she’s stood up well to the wonderful chaos that is the world of James.

Also a big thank you to all our crew and everyone involved with putting on a James gig.

There is so much more to it than just us eight turning up and playing.


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