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Up in the castle on the hill

| Juliet

Andy had a gig last night with the Spaceheads at a farm somewhere in Cheshire. Some of the crew and band had a day off. And I sat in a foyer of a hotel somewhere in Wales, awaiting a phone call for instructions from tour manager Neil at the festival as my mobile had lost signal. The hotel is wood-paneled splendour a... Read more

The magic of classical meets James, in the fairy grotto town

| Juliet

There was a bit of a hiccup when we found out that it was a 2 hour drive in a mini bus to Portmeiron, and it wasn’t just down the road as hoped. Tim had been up half the night writing lyrics and needed to be horizontal. Neil our tour manager woke up the bus driver, and after another half hour wait .... Tim, Jim... Read more

Ran and Ron, by Ron

| admin

As the touring season came to a close, we saw a new introduction to the team in the form of Ran. Ran was brought in to spin his magic with the monitors on stage so the band could all hear what they were playing. Not only does he have a very similar name to me, there is a similar resemblance too. This caused much confus... Read more

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All I'm Saying (Official Video)

Third single from the new album La Petite Mort.

Curse Curse (Official Video)

Second single from the new album La Petite Mort.

Moving On (Official Video)

First single from the new album La Petite Mort. Directed by BAFTA winning animator Ainslie Henderson.

Frozen Britain

From the new album La Petite Mort.
Video by Roger Sargent.

Frozen Britain - Live Acoustic

Live acoustic session of the new James track 'Frozen Britain'.