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Somewhere In The Highlands……….

19th January 2015 | Jim

Monday 19th January 2015 – Pick Tim up Inverness airport.

The temperature drops to minus ten on the drive and the washer fluid in Larry’s car freezes.

We are back in the Scottish Highlands writing again. Not the autumnal gales and rain of last time but slap bang into winter. Getting from A to B in the ice and snow is challenging but it’s so beautiful.

The weather keeps us indoors and we work. We manage to squeeze us and all our gear into the dining room so we can jam.

We record everything. The jams lasting from 7 minutes up to nearly an hour.

In various parts of the house people set up mini studios of their own to edit the jams down into listenable lengths, and songs start to appear.

We can’t do more than a fortnight of this without it feeling like ‘The Shining’. Saul riding around on a bright red tricycle and Larry appearing at your bedroom door with an axe.

We come away with maybe twenty ‘things’… These will be the basis for the next record.

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