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Guitar tutorial extraordinaire! Learn To Play…Waltzing Along

4th June 2020 | Adrian

Let’s play ‘Waltzing Along’

Saville Shela

9th April 2020 | Tim

My wife’s Father, my beloved Father-in-law, was amongst the 6,159 Covid-19 deaths in the UK on Sunday. He came off the ventilator and past within 15 minutes. We who love him, who are many, are blown open with love and grief; of course. His equally amazing wife of 54 years is quarantined alone in London. Her son and my wife live in America. No one can fly back to be with her, no one can be at the funeral but she has extra-ordinary neighbours and community; the greatest gift of these times.

Thank you for all your kind words, prayers and sweetness. There’s no need to respond to this, I’m marginal in this one story amongst many. Maybe just blow an imaginary kiss to an 83 year old widow in London, a health worker or the equivalent someone close to you.

We have so much appreciation and gratitude for the NHS frontline sheroes and heroes, for their courage, kindness and patience. Two hours before he died an Angel/Nurse held a FaceTime camera so we could say goodbye, whilst we had his wife on FaceTime our end. This kindness enabled some closure for those he leaves behind. He was coherent, funny and unafraid.

Stay safe and hold your loved ones close.

— Tim via @RealTimBooth

Stay safe

3rd April 2020 | Jim

Hi there everybody. I hope this finds you all well and coping okay.

I just thought I’d say ‘Hello’ and wish everybody the very best and let you know that although the members of James are scattered world wide and in our own states of lock down, we are thinking of you.

This is all a bit mad isn’t it? It goes without saying that these are indeed extraordinary times, that are impacting us all and some of you I know must be really struggling.

My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones and for those who have family members that are ill.

Also to all of you self-isolating on your own and the issues that brings and to families isolating together and the tension and pressures of all being squeezed in a small space. This will end. It’s a pain in the hoop but we will get there.

It is great to see families and friends stepping up to help and support each other and there are some real heroes out there. (Andrew Perkins.)

And of course a huge ‘Thank you’ to all key workers who are working harder than ever. Ordinary people putting themselves at risk to help to keep us all safe and well. From the heroic NHS staff, to van drivers and shop workers keeping us fed, everybody.

Love and best wishes, Jim from James x

Pete Mitchell

14th March 2020 | Jim

So sad to hear of the passing of the wonderful Pete Mitchell.

Pete has been a huge supporter of James through thick and thin.

A man prepared to put his love of music above all else and maintain his integrity in a business often lacking.

My best wishes to his family, and a massive thank-you to the man himself.

Watch the whole set at Belém Tower, Lisbon

8th September 2019 | wearejames

Rock In Rio Lisboa threw a razzy do to celebrate their 15th anniversary, with James headlining a huge open air gig at Belém Tower on the River Tejo. You can watch their set here.

Watch the performance at Cabaret Vert festival

25th August 2019 | wearejames

You can watch the band’s set at Cabaret Vert in HD on ARTE Concerte’s website or here on their youtube channel.

6th April 2019 | Andy

Manchester Arena photos by Trust A Fox

8th December 2018 | wearejames

More photos from Trust A Fox Photography coming soon.

Wembley Arena photos by Trust A Fox

7th December 2018 | wearejames

Stay tuned for more from Trust A Fox Photography.

Glasgow Hydro photos by Trust A Fox

5th December 2018 | wearejames

A wee taster of what’s to come from our fabulous resident photographer for the tour, Trust A Fox. We’ll add a small selection for you to download as a keepsake, as a thank-you for keeping phones largely in pockets. Keep an eye on socials in the coming days for more!