Blog: Larry’s US Photo Blog (Autumn 2010)

Culture Room, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

20th September 2010 | Larry

House of Blues Orlando, Florida

21st September 2010 | Larry

Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, Georgia

22nd September 2010 | Larry

The Trocadero, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

24th September 2010 | Larry

Paradise Rock Club, Boston, Massachusetts

25th September 2010 | Larry

9:30 Club, Washington D.C.

27th September 2010 | Larry

Webster Hall, New York, New York

28th September 2010 | Larry

Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Toronto, Ontario

30th September 2010 | Larry

Royal Oak Music Theatre, Michigan

1st October 2010 | Larry

The Vic, Chicago, Illinois

2nd October 2010 | Larry

On the road to Colorado

3rd October 2010 | Larry

Bluebird Theater, Denver, Colorado

4th October 2010 | Larry

The Complex, Salt Lake City, Utah

5th October 2010 | Larry

Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, British Columbia

7th October 2010 | Larry

Wonder Ballroom, Portland, Oregon

8th October 2010 | Larry

Showbox at the Market, Seattle, Washington

9th October 2010 | Larry

The Redwood Forest

10th October 2010 | Larry

The Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, California

11th October 2010 | Larry

House of Blues, Anaheim, California

12th October 2010 | Larry

The Music Box, Los Angeles, California

13th October 2010 | Larry

Pics by Banksy

14th October 2010 | Larry

My guitar tech Banksy always makes sure my camera is on hand for me to do the ‘Who Are You’ pics, however, being a creative chap he started to take some amazing shots of the lighting effects that Chris was generating whilst I was otherwise engaged playin’ the gig.  I loved the abstract quality of the shots he was taking (also jealous that I couldn’t shoot this fabulous subject) and wanted to give them their own post, enjoy!

Pics by Montrie

14th October 2010 | Larry

Our lighting genius Chris Montrie loves to photograph lights naturally, so here he is doing what he does, and capturing Saul’s little angel Mia being cheeky in the process.

Pics by Thom

14th October 2010 | Larry

Our tour manager Thom Stone has greater access to the crew’s world than I do and has some great shots of them relaxing in their own inimitable style.

Corona Capital Festival, Mexico City

16th October 2010 | Larry

Teatro Diana, Guadalajara, Mexico

18th October 2010 | Larry

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