Blog: West Coast Splash & Dash (Spring 2012)

Twitter vs bloggin

11th April 2012 | Larry

Hello you lovely lot. As the wonderful Jules is not with us on this trip :-( I have no support for writing the blog as well as doing the photos (no one else has stepped forward the cowards!), so I’m going to try twittering. ( I don’t know whats worse a grown man tweeting or twittering??)

I’m told that I can post pics as well on there, so bear with me whilst this old codger gets up to speed in this social networking world of wonders.

At the end of this jaunt (ends with The Big Stooshie :-) ) I will compile all the posts into a blog and post higher res pics if I have them (incl. the who-are-you pics).

So tell all yer mates to follow @Larryontour on Twitter and wish me luck on my maiden voyage.

Keep the faith

Gone Fishin’

16th April 2012 | Larry

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