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Many Faces, everybody belongs here…

5th December 2018 | wearejames

There’s only love that’s strong enough
To rescue us from self-destruct
You don’t think so, but we’re all the same
That’s just how it is

There’s only one
Human race
Many faces
Everybody belongs here

There’s only one
Human race
Many faces
Everybody belongs here

My brother’s mad at me, our room’s a tomb of dead canaries
I’m right, why can’t you see right to the bitter end
My God, what’s-his-name says your God is just calamari
My God’s new to this game, you don’t know who to blame
You don’t think so, you’ve got skin in the game
That’s just how it is

There’s only one
Human race
Many faces
Everybody belongs here

There’s only one
Human race
Many faces
Everybody belongs here

There’s only one
Human race Many faces
Everybody belongs here
There’s only…

Track-by-track insight into Living In Extraordinary Times

20th August 2018 | wearejames

The band and producers Charlie Andrew & Beni Giles provide all kinds of interesting insights into the songs on the new album in the track-by-track commentary videos. Several of these are already on WeAreJamesTV; the most recent additions are playing on the web shop landing page.

‘Better Than That’ Tour

1st June 2018 | Jim

Hi folks, just a few words of thanks for your support on the recently ended May tour.

We didn’t make it easy for you, playing a bunch of songs from the new album that isn’t out yet.

As usual you did us proud with your commitment and enthusiasm.

It’s always a little daunting taking new material on the road but your concentration and positivity is always so impressive.

Thanks to the old guard for trekking around to lesser known corners of the UK, and if it was your first James gig hopefully it won’t be your last.

I hope you enjoyed support ‘Lanterns On The Lake’. We’ve been trying to get them to play with us for a while and it hasn’t worked out. So glad it did this time.

I’d like to officially welcome on board Deborah Knox-Hewson. Thrown in at the deep end with little rehearsal, she’s stood up well to the wonderful chaos that is the world of James.

Also a big thank you to all our crew and everyone involved with putting on a James gig.

There is so much more to it than just us eight turning up and playing.


Meanwhile, over on Instagram…

3rd April 2018 | wearejames

Fashionably late to the party, we’ve finally set up shop on Instagram. When the blog cupboard is looking rather bare why not take a peek at what we’re up to over there? You’ll find us at @wearejames.


Musicians Against Homelessness

6th March 2018 | wearejames

We are proud to support and raise awareness for Musicians Against Homelessness with a special rendition of Sit Down—featuring renowned composer/conductor Joe Duddell and a string quartet—filmed at Manchester’s Albert Hall last December exclusively for the cause.

MAH was launched by Alan McGee in 2016 with the twin aims of supporting upcoming talent through sourcing performance opportunities, 4rbshare and to raise the profile of homelessness whilst raising funds.

The campaign supports thousands of people living on the streets and in poverty via Crisis in England, Scotland and Wales and Simon Community in Northern Ireland.

To support their work please text MAH to 70004 to donate £3 to Crisis.*

“Sit Down is a song about empathy so we are really honoured and happy that this beautiful version, arranged by Joe Duddell, is being used to annmix raise money for the homeless.

“We seem to be living in times of increasing inequality where all the safety nets that my generation took for granted have been taken away.

“I don’t know how a person can hold their life together if they don’t have a home, a cave, someplace safe they can call their own. It is too easy for us to look the other way. Thank you to the kind souls who are running this charitable organisation for not doing so.”—Tim

Watch the video—enjoy!—and please consider making a donation to this very worthy cause.

*Texts cost £3.00 plus your network charge. Crisis receives 100% of your donation. Obtain bill payer’s permission. Helpline 08000 384838. Registered Charity Numbers: E&W1082947, SC040094. Text STOP to 70004 to opt out of future contact from Crisis.

Mark E. Smith

24th January 2018 | Jim

I’d like to pass the band’s best wishes to Mark E. Smith’s family and friends.

The Fall were hugely influential in the embryonic stages of James’ existence.

Dating back to our ‘Model Team International’ days.

Not only musically inspiring a hunt for originality, ann where melody meets grit and ideas, but also a bloody minded, fuck-you Manc attitude.

The Fall gave us so many support slots. share It’s where we fumbled around trying to find our feet.

In a parallel universe The Fall are quite rightly the biggest band on the planet.

Immeasurable thanks and praise.


22nd November 2016 | Jim

On behalf of ‘James’, I’d like to offer our condolences and best wishes to Craig Gill’s family.

We’ve had a long and varied past with Inspiral Carpets, including sharing a Manchester rehearsal room and taking them on tour with us.

But most memorable was dragging them all out of rehearsals for an impromptu recording session at Out Of The Blue studios, to record backing vocals on our song Gold Mother.

We are about to start playing the song live again and when we do, we always fire in a sample of the Carpets’ backing vocals.

So whenever we play the song, Gilly will be up there on stage with us.

— Best wishes, Jim from James.

Day Off in New Zealand

8th November 2016 | wearejames

Jim and Saul’s Top 11 Bands To Catch At Glastonbury

23rd June 2016 | Jim

In no particular order…

Sigur Ros
The Slow Readers Club
Tame Impala
PJ Harvey
Of Monsters and Men

Handle with care; damaged goods: a letter from Tim

13th May 2016 | Tim

Last night I got attacked by about 5 or 6 overexcited drunk people whilst Adrian and I tried a walkthrough trying to play a song. (Please note this could have happened anywhere – and has previously elsewhere – location is irrelevant.)

You can see the superficial scars at the bottom of this post.

The attackers seemed to think that grabbing me round the neck was an act of friendship, but to to a man in his 50s who’s had whiplash and operations in that area of his body, it feels otherwise.

I love coming into the audience, stage surfing etc. I love the intimacy, the trust that I won’t be dropped. I love to look people in the eye and sing to them, to see who’s there. I love breaking the boundary between audience and performer. I don’t want a few drunken fools out of thousands of trustworthy friends preventing me from doing so in the future.

Please, if you wish to meet us in this level of intimacy and trust, put your camera phone down and be present. If you or your friends are too drunk and having a great time, no judgment, have a great time but please keep your distance. It would be a real shame if this dimension to our connection was ended by the health and safety authorities who have already threatened to do so.

Come dance with me, come play with me, but please don’t come looking for body part souvenirs or selfies.

I will make my foray choices on a night to night basis; weekends are nearly always impossible I’m afraid unless a high level of trust is present. It’s not something I’m obliged to do, not part of our act, it’s something that may or might not happen in the moment.

One last thing, its called “Girl At The End Of The World Tour” because we are playing many songs from that record which we are very proud of. Your enjoyment of this gig, will be heightened immeasurably by a couple of listenings to the record.

With love and gratitude,